Notion is a stellar tool for storing, displaying, and managing content. It’s sleek, easy to use, and helps you create shareable web pages.

But that’s not enough.

You need to help potential leads find their way to your website instead of sharing a link with them. There is no better way to attract relevant traffic than optimizing your content for search.

However, there is a catch.

Notion alone is not the best tool for SEO, it can help you create a responsive website with a free SSL certificate. However, the SEO checklist is much larger - Your website must be fast, engaging, secure, keyword optimized - and most importantly, helpful to your readers. Does that mean you can’t create search engine optimized websites with Notion? Not unless you use Super.

Super helps you create appealing websites through Notion while adding all the SEO capabilities you need to rank your content.

Is Notion good for SEO?

Is Notion good for SEO?

7 reasons why Notion is not SEO-friendly (and the workaround):

1. Notion doesn’t permit having a custom domain

Your domain name is the identity of your website. It’s the name you assign to your space on the internet.

Once you build your brand, your domain is what people search on Google to find you and avail your services. That category of searches is called brand search and it’s known to convert traffic into leads at a higher rate than any other form of search.

Also, having a keyword in the domain name will earn SEO brownie points. In short, the domain name is what everything circles around.

But you can’t connect a custom domain with Notion.

Notion assigns an AI-generated domain name to every website you create - the below image exemplifies the randomness.


The element indicates that the website continues to be under Notion’s domain, which means you don’t own the space. All the content you create - you create for Notion. That’s a bad place to be in if you run a legit business.

Let’s change that.

Super lets you customize the domain name of your website on Notion. It acts as an interface that takes your content on Notion and puts it under the domain name of your choice.

The below image is an example of a website with a custom domain. It was created with Super.


2. You can’t edit Meta-titles and Meta-descriptions on Notion

Search engines are always on the lookout for new content. When they discover your page, they dig deeper to understand what the page is about. The meta-title and meta-description of a page must summarize the content on the page for the search engines’ easy consumption.