Create a Notion website that you truly own! Build your brand with an aesthetic design, set up analytics, optimize for search engines, and so much more.

Link a Notion Custom Domain with Super

Since its inception, Notion has emerged as a popular content planning tool utilized by a diverse user base, including freelancers, content managers, and business owners. Notion’s features and flexibility enables them to create, manage, and store content in the form of pages.

Notion Custom Domain

Notion Custom Domain

However, this content often remains underutilized, merely gathering digital dust, when it could instead generate leads for your business. Even though not all content must be made public, marketing copies, blog posts, eBook, etc. are powerful assets that build brand awareness and generate relevant traffic to your “money” pages.

To give the marketing content the exposure it deserves, you must share it publicly. Even though Notion allows public sharing, the URLs it generates are infamously long — the domain name is super random and the slugs a mix of alphanumeric characters that offer no SEO benefits.

The image below exemplifies the randomness of plain Notion URLs:


Also, these pages are technically owned by Notion, which means you do not have the permission to add code snippets to the page. The biggest downside to this is that you can’t integrate your content with analytics tools, as you would need to install a tag in the page header section. So the only way to add Google Analytics to Notion is by linking your pages to a custom domain name. And the best way to do that is by using Super.

Here are the four steps to set up and use a custom domain in Notion:

1. Purchase a domain name

Your website’s domain name solves three key purposes — it tells people what your website is about, gets your SEO brownie points, and establishes your brand. Your custom domain name is the identity of your website.

As you produce more content and people learn about your brand, it’s the domain name that they search on Google to find you and the services you offer. The category of Google queries that include your brand name are known as brand queries. These searches are usually from a high-intent audience that converts at a higher rate than non-brand searches.

You would also want to add a keyword in your domain name to get SEO benefits and also to highlight your website niche.

Once you have finalized your domain name, you can purchase it from popular domain registrars but if you use Super, you can purchase it right from your Super app!

Click on “Domain” in the left-pane of your Super app, type the domain name, select from the list that Super populates, and buy the extension that is available. Yes, it’s that simple!

Notion custom domain.jpg

2. Sign up with Super

By now, you might have already created high-quality content in Notion and also purchased a custom domain name. It’s time to create a website by putting them both together. The best way to create a professional website or portfolio with your content in Notion is by using Super.