The easiest way to build your portfolio on Notion is by using Super. With this Notion portfolio builder, you can create your website in no time without having to write a single line of code.

Create a portfolio on Notion

1. Choose a Notion Portfolio template

The primary purpose of your portfolio is to showcase your work but it serves another important one—establishing your personal brand. Your portfolio website is a glimpse into your personality. It is the first indicator of the quality of work you deliver.

Think from the perspective of someone who is hiring a freelancer. They get hundreds of portfolios per job post from freelancers across the globe. Most pitches land in the trash folder - except those that stand out.

When clients see a professional-looking portfolio site, they spend time exploring it. The more content they consume, the better the chances they reach out to the freelancer. With a neat, organized, and meticulously planned portfolio, you can convince the client that you will replicate the finesse with your deliverables.

The first impression is the best impression - Super will help you deliver that without you having to code.

Super has a collection of nine sleek and professional templates that will help you jump-start your portfolio website. Head to the Super templates page and filter by ‘Portfolio’ to find them.

Explore the templates and pick the one that looks the most like your ideal portfolio. You need not worry about any other aspects of website creation like Page speed and SEO - Super has got you covered.

We will use the Agency template as an example for the rest of this section.

Notion Portfolio Templates and Exmaples

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2. Duplicate the template on Notion and create your first page

Duplicating the template will create a new page in your private Notion dashboard. Every sub-page you create becomes a new page on your website. Here’s how you can duplicate your favorite template on Notion:

Step 1: Click on Duplicate at the top-right corner of your template view. Then Click on Duplicate again to copy the template to Notion.

Duplicate Notion template

Duplicate Notion template

You will find the Agency template copied in your private folder on Notion.

How to find template in Notion

How to find template in Notion

This process takes only 15 seconds.