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Join over 30,000 creators using Super

Our mission is to create the best web hosting platform you’ve ever used. We love building beautiful and useful software fueled by feedback from our customers. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Super makes spinning up a new website SUPER easy. It basically converts Notion into a fast and customizable website.


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Before Super, I struggled to even conceive the idea of having a website. Since then, I've generated leads for all sorts of offers and have created $10,000 in sales in my first month.


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Super is one of the fastest ways to create a website. Being built on top of Notion reduces friction and allows you to update the content on your website effortlessly.


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Super feels easier to manage compared to other website builders — and I've tried them all.


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Super makes it dead simple to create beautiful websites with Notion powering your content. Simply update your Notion doc, and the changes appear live on your site like magic.


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With Super, I can spin up quick, beautiful, effective websites in minutes! Bloody brilliant. I can make changes in seconds and it will be live on my site without me having to touch a thing.


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Since I work mostly in and around Notion, it's a pleasure to use Super to enhance the native features of Notion, and to be able to create simple, quick to edit and easy to maintain websites!


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I love that Super runs on top of Notion, where the rest of my life is. Making quick edits is a breeze and I can even do it using the Notion app on my phone.


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With Super, editing content is a breeze because it's all in Notion, and you never have to worry about uptime, security, scaling... In other words, Super is a game-changer!



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Our support team is ready to help you get started and will be there for you if something goes wrong. The best way to get in touch with us is to use the chat bubble in the lower right of the Super Dashboard.

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