Notion is an easy-to-use project management tool that helps you organize your life and work. And that means managing a million items, and that can get messy, even on Notion. There are too many moving pieces, but you can declutter your space with a Notion dashboard.

By creating a Notion dashboard, you decide what is important and what action items you want to give the most attention to. It helps you identify critical and time-bound tasks and keep a close eye on them.

The dashboard can take any shape or form based on your life goals, business niche, and style. In this article, we will create a Notion dashboard for a content marketing agency - but it will cover all steps to creating dashboards for any niche or industry.

Here are the four simple steps to creating a Notion dashboard:

1. Create a rough spreadsheet for visual guidance

This step is not a prerequisite, but it simplifies and speeds up the process. It makes for the perfect blueprint that can be morphed quickly into a functional Notion dashboard.

This rough representation allows you to focus on the finer details of your dashboard without worrying about the high-level view.

The blueprint of a content marketing agency’s dashboard, for example, would look like this:


We have divided the dashboard into three vertical sections.

Each section has a list of tasks and subtasks. With a clear blueprint, now it’s going to be much easier to create your dashboard on Notion.

2. Create a blank page and set up your preferred layout


You can add a simple image and an icon to make the dashboard look more aesthetic. Alternatively, you can add plain colors or gradients - whatever works best for you.